Keeping your Equipment Up to Date can Actually Save you Money!

It is a sad fact that in today’s job market and national economy a lot of us in the Retail Security or Operations field end up having to move about quite a bit.  More often than not the reason is that the company you were working for didn’t have the budget to keep you (or even your whole department) on the payroll.  I understand fully the need for corporations to ‘trim the fat’ in order to survive but the area they certainly shouldn’t be skimping on is Retail Security or a fairly current suite of retail anti-Theft Devices.

 A few months back I fell victim to the budget cut goblins at a certain retail firm but was quickly picked up by another company looking to completely rebuild their Loss Prevention department from the ground up.  They had a lot of great ideas as they pertained to retail Anti-Shoplifting setups and deterrence over apprehension but there was one major problem; not a single piece of their retail Anti-Theft Device inventory was younger than twenty years old.  In fact most of it was much older. The problem with this arises when you get a shoplifter that knows how to defeat out of date equipment. There is a reason that Anti-Shoplifting devices have evolved over time and it is important that retailers understand this when considering their anti-shoplifting methods.

 If you have a store that is trying to cut back on spending but not on Loss Prevention make sure they consider all the retail Anti-Shoplifting alternatives so you don’t feel like you are fighting high-tech, computer savvy thieves with old-fashioned, pre-calculator equipment.

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