Hold your shoplifters up, not the other way around…

Some shoplifters are in and out of a store in a matter of minutes. If they are a repeat shoplifter in your store, it might just feel like you are trying to capture a ghost.

 Then there are the others who take so long, that you almost want to go over and give them a hand stealing just so you can speed up the process of apprehending them. Those are the times that drive me nuts.

 When you are at the point of watching a shoplifter talking them into actually concealing the item, there is no turning back. You have to watch to make sure you know what they are taking, and where they are putting it.

 I have found that the usual hold up and saving grace is the retail security anti-theft devices. These cheap tags and cheap labels hold the shoplifter up. The shoplifter is trying to figure out what to do with it so as not to set off the store alarm and they tend to take a lot of time doing this. Do they try and remove it? Should they just take the item anyway?

 You can tell they really want the item, but they are debating if it is worth the risk. This is the heart of anti-shoplifting methodology: using retail anti-theft devices to deter and prevent shoplifting in your stores.

 While I hate the wait, I am glad the EAS tags are doing their job.

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