EAS Towers are Great for Restrooms!

Among the more perfidious methods of theft in retail environments, is a shoplifter taking their selected items into store restrooms.  There are often very exacting requirements to adhere to before executing any shoplifting apprehension involving a restroom concealment and it creates a great deal of pressure and stress for us within the Loss Prevention community; so much so that nine times out of ten we avoid going after such suspects as the risk of making a bad stop is too high.

 The way around this is to create a problem for the shoplifters before they even get to the ‘safe zone’ of the restrooms.  Since the vast majority of items taken into restrooms already have retail anti-theft devices in place it is simply a matter of establishing compatible retail security towers just before the restroom entrance.  That way, should anyone try to get a tagged item into said restroom alarms would sound just as if they tried to exit the store with the same items. 

 Furthermore, in some jurisdictions the attempt to take unpaid product into a store restroom is akin to walking out the front doors with it and a stop can be made (with cause) when the alarm sounds.  Of course you need to verify with your state and company retail security policies but if you have the ability, use it.

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