Don’t let the hard times deter you from protecting your bottom line!

Small business owners are having a tough time in this economy but this is no time to forget about protecting the bottom line. In fact, retail security is more important than ever because when times are tough people will do what ever tey need to get by, including shoplifting.

When I am hired to do lp consulting for small business owners I have an uphill battle to help them spend money to save money. Most of these businesses are retailers selling a variety of products. My first pitch is an EAS system. Unfortunately many of the EAS systems are expensive and fall outside the price range these small businesses can afford. As the economy started to recede and the trend of small businesses to spend less on retail security increased I realized I needed to conduct additional research to see if there were any other companies out there who were making affordable retail anti-theft devices.

I found a company called RBC Security Solutions and realized that for every bump in the road in the economy there are very intelligent people who are constantly looking for innovative ways to manufacture quality products in more efficient ways to be able to offer them at a more inexpensive price. I could not believe the variety of retail anti-theft devices RBC offered such as cheap labels and cheap tags. Retail Security is a tricky business that is never cookie cutter or one size fits all. A business has to be fully evaluated from its administrative practices to its employees to its sales performance to its demographics and finally its physical location. Once that evaluation is complete a shrink busting strategy including anti-shoplifting tools can be implemented. RBC had a full compliment of inexpensive retail security devices that fit nicely into the owners strategy to control shrink in his store.

 RBC has become a much needed ally to the retail world and to loss prevention professionals who are trying to find new inexpensive ways to protect their company’s assets. One thing I learned from RBC Security Solutions that has become a mantra of mine is “Inexpensive does not mean cheap!”. Even though this company boast cheap tags and cheap labels, once you see the quality of the product that RBC security solution sells you will realize there is nothing cheap about the quality.

 Visit RBC Security Solutions for Checkpoint Compatible retail Anti-Shoplifting or retail Anti- theft Devices that can help you with your Retail Security needs like Cheap Tags and Cheap Labels. Our Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS Labels and Tags are not cheap they are inexpensive and made in the U.S.

 For more information on how you can use retail anti- theft Devices in conjunction with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system to help you prevent retail theft in your business with products like Cheap Tags and Cheap Labels contact us.

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