Cheap Tags to replace your Broken ones!

Over the past few weeks I have been noticing more and more instances where there are piles of retail anti-theft devices stashed in some dark corner of the store, broken and mangled beyond usability.  It is the calling card of semi-pro and professional shoplifters going about their business of circumventing our retail anti-shoplifting measures.  On top of the cost of the items they stole there is the added cost of replacing all the destroyed tags.  The loss of ten or twenty every week may not seem like much but it adds up fast.  Before you realize it you have no retail anti-theft devices left to adhere to new stock and the price to order new shipments might be outside the constraints of your budget. 

 Beyond trying to do the impossible (which is to completely shutdown ALL retail theft) the only thing you can hope to do is mitigate your losses through renewed focus on your problem areas and looking for less expensive but still compatible replacement devices to supplement your retail anti-shoplifting needs.  I myself have had to replace almost every retail anti-theft device in one of my stores for the dual fact that so many had been defeated and they were so ridiculously outdated.

 Visit RBC Security Solutions for Checkpoint Compatible Anti-Shoplifting or Anti- theft Devices that can help you with your Retail Security needs like Cheap Labels and Cheap Tags. Our Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS Labels and Tags are not cheap they are inexpensive and made in the U.S.

 For more information on how you can use Anti- theft Devices in conjunction with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system to help you prevent retail theft in your business with products like Cheap Labels and Cheap Tags contact us.

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