Anti-Theft Devices aren’t just for Merchandise!

One of the things that happens to plague most retail companies is employees “accidentally” going home with a piece of equipment in their pockets.  The items range in size and scope from pens and memo pads to pricing guns, mag-keys, and walkie-talkies. 

 The truth is that a lot of the time, it is simply a matter of an employee forgetting to turn in their gear at the end of their shift but what it does is creates issues when too much equipment has walked out the door leaving only a handful or no usable equipment left in the store to conduct necessary business. 

 By managing a log of who is assigned certain pieces of equipment a store can certainly lessen the impact of these disappearing items.  But to be certain the more important pieces don’t go for a stroll you should look into attaching a retail anti-theft device that will sound the alarm when something crosses the threshold that shouldn’t.  A set of Cheap Labels can cover most walkie-talkie units without lessening their effectiveness.  Same goes for mag-keys (as long as they are applied to the correct side).  As for price guns a Cheap Tag attached via a loop or around a part of the handle works just fine. I have even seen labels and tags attached to pens at the cash wrap so that customers don’t accidentally walk out with them.

 Though things like pens and walkie talkies won’t do much for an actual thief outside of the business, making sure to use a cheap label on your removal keys is a great way to guarantee that your employees aren’t using your detachers and keys to remove items form other retailers…

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